If you are ready to try Speed Couponing, buckle in!  Here we go!

Supplies needed:

  • coupon booklets from Sunday papers (and other sources)
  • 12-15 file folders
  • container for file folders
  • pen
  • marker (optional)
  • magnifying glass (optional)

Ideally, you always want to AT LEAST combine a sale price and coupon on a purchase–that’s where this system comes in.  There are some other ways to save on top of this such as using Checkout 51, Ibotta, SavingStar or similar programs, but we will discuss them later.  So, moving right along. . .

First, you need coupon booklets from the Sunday paper.
IMG_1131 The key booklets we’ll  be working with are  Red Plum and  Smart Source.

Look on the front of the fold.  In itty-bitty print is the date.  If you’re over a certain age, you may need a magnifying glass to find it.  🙂  


Write that date on the front of the booklet



and drop the booklet into a file folder with the same date.


Now just a note about these file folders:  They don’t need to be fancy.  They can be used over and over.  Notice all the scribbled out dates on these folders–both sides. Just write the date on there.  When you toss those coupon booklets (after about 3 months), scratch out the old date, write a new one, and drop some more coupons in there.  When the tab is all full and messy, turn the folder over and use the other side.  Or use a file folder label if all that scribble is frustrating to you.

The Procter and Gamble coupon booklet should go in the first week of the month.


Repeat that process each week with the new week’s coupon.  

Although you can start saving immediately, you’ll save even more once you have one to three months’ of coupons. Booklets over three months old can usually be disposed of.  


It also speeds up the process a little bit if each month’s tabs are in the same position.  For example, all of September on the left tab, all of October on center tab, all of November on right tab.

Next post, we’ll talk about a website to help you quickly develop your shopping list.

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