Keep eggs fresh and have some handy breakfasts ready by scrambling how ever many you use for breakfast, pour them into a sandwich bag (or other container), remove as much air as possible, and freeze. Put all the bags into a larger container, label and freeze. Eggs freeze better if scrambled or separated (yolks always should be scrambled). You can also add chopped vegetables, ham, cheese or other add-ins before or after freezing.

Thaw a bag in the fridge overnight and cook in the morning. Voila! Breakfast in under 5 minutes. Wrap it in a tortilla if you need to eat it on the run.

You can also freeze one or two–scrambled–in an ice cube tray to use for baking or smaller breakfasts.  Once eggs are frozen, remove from tray.  Store cubes in labelled freezer bag.  (Excuse the blurry phone picture.  I’ll try to get some better photos up soon.)

frozen eggs

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