Do your flashlights disappear as quickly as ours do?  It just seems like a good idea to be able to quickly get your hands on a flashlight when you need one.  If you have little kids, or distracted adults, though, your flashlights might be migratory like ours are.  🙂  Flashlights make great stocking-stuffers for kids, by the way.

Anyhow, back to the chat at hand…So, where to put the flashlight so that you can easily find it no matter what, even in the darkest rooms?  The best place I can think of–where little peeps can’t reach it for playing but you can always find it–is right behind the door of the room, especially bedroom doors.  In fact, we keep one hanging behind every bedroom door and the playroom.  It’s a quick, easy project.  Please excuse the terrible pictures–you’ll get the ideas from these, though.

Just find a flashlight with a little loop on the end like this one.  You can find them from inexpensive to “excuse me, how much?”.

Hang a cup hook at a comfortable height behind the door



and hang the flashlight.  Voila!


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