Before Pinterest, there were. . .magazines!  Yeah, there still are, actually.  I used to be super into home, cooking, family and women’s magazine because I LOVE ideas.  Lately, I haven’t been nearly as into magazine and was going to cancel this feature (before it even got started!), but there was a super important article in September’s Real Simple magazine that every parent needs to know about.  Just a reminder that magazines are available at your local library, including back issues.  Digital versions are probably available too.

Real Simple

Parenting Against the Internet: What are our Kids Doing Online, and How Can We Protect Them from Danger? m p. 156.  This topic is so important for every parent with tweens and teens.   The internet, a wealth of helpful information; it is also a maze of  porn, self-harming ideas, suicide encouragement, bullying and more. Please be realistic and give your child tools to protect him/herself and be able to use the internet as a healthy resource.  For more tools, also check out the book Good Pictures Bad Pictures and (scroll down the first page for info–the big video banner isn’t all they offer!).  A great quote from the article regarding pornography:

“…if your child was exposed to heroin and he said, ‘I’m having a hard time with herion’, you wouldn’t say, ‘well, you just need to stop.  Let’s put some blocks up.’  If you’ve never had the problem, you don’t realize how deep it goes.”

Here are some other things that caught my eye in September:

Real Simple (continued):

A truly genius tip for removing fish pinbones, p 192.  I’ll probably try their tip for freezing sheet tray pizzas, p 194.  What a great idea to have a monthly column with a dinner recipe that can serve a crowd or be frozen for later!

The Career Coach: How to Launch Your Genius Idea, p 140 has great resources and tips.

Good Housekeeping

GH Trend Report Drugstore Stars (p 29): the latest, greatest–but affordable–beauty product wins  for hair and make-up, all available from the drugstore.

2016 Awesome Women (p.73):  I LOVED this article highlighting 25 women making a big difference in the world “redefining race, fighting poverty, reinventing fashion, literally saving lives and more.”

Some of the 25 Time-Saving Secrets (p 95) are definitely worth looking into.  I’d love the new Braava Jet–who wouldn’t like a robot to mop while they sleep?  Also check out the cool Rock a “Uniform” piece, and the tips on p. 99 for using technology to save time.

Check out the lunch in a jar recipes, starting p. 122 and the chia breakfast or puddings in a jar, p 128.

I enjoyed Minecraft Saved My Son, p 165, the story of how a dad used the video game to change the life of his autistic son.  Also enjoyed Living Large Off the Grid, p 172, just because that type of thing fascinates me.

Southern Living always has great decorating, landscaping, gardening and entertaining ideas.  September didn’t disappoint.  Check out their gorgeous line up of cakes for fall starting on p 78.  The pretzels and dips for tailgating, p 128, will be a hit with the teen crowd at my house as will the Skillet Cookie Makeovers, p 136.

Cooking Light

Recipe for making alternative milks, p 14.

Check out the Weekend Warrior column with Cook Once, Eat 3x’s meatball recipes.  The Family-Style Taco Night will be spot on for any family with hungry teenage boys, p 98.  I can’t wait to try some of the salads and soups featured in Smarter, Faster Lunches, p 101.

There’s a great mushroom how-to feature on p. 148, and it was great to see the recipes using Sambal Oelek since I just bought a big jar.



Note:  This post contains affiliate links.  

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