It’s a perfect gift: can be done last minute,

works for all ages,

fits all sizes,

doesn’t require batteries or assembly

and costs from $0 to priceless…


One of our favorite Christmas gift traditions costs very little–sometimes nothing–and was one of the most memorable.  In fact, the kids still talk about it now, into their late 20’s.  With so many kids at different ages and stages of development, I always worried about them getting enough individual attention and feeling special and very loved.  So one Christmas, we started slipping an envelope in their stockings with a pre-scheduled day and time for them to have the afternoon with Mom or Dad (in January).  They got to choose the activity; the time was all theirs.  It became one of the things they most looked forward to.  Some kids chose to stay home and do art or craft activities or play games together.  Some chose to go places and buy things.  One of my adult sons still speaks fondly of the afternoon I drove wherever he navigated for a couple of hours.

And it’s one of those gifts that’s enjoyed as much by the giver as the receiver.

May God bless you with a beautiful holiday, good health and much love throughout the new year and always.

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